Sunday, September 19, 2010

Scroll: University employment offers opprotunites

Note: Every week I have an article published in the Scroll, a newspaper on the BYU-Idaho campus. The following is one of those articles.

With school back in session many students are often looking for employment, specifically on-campus jobs.

Some see jobs on campus as having advantages over off-campus jobs. One such advantage may be receiving higher pay than from community jobs.

Campus offers over 2,900 jobs that are available for students. The best way to find one of those jobs, according to Patrick Powell, training and student employment coordinator, is to visit

On the website, students can search for jobs that are posted by on-campus employers and community employers. 

Any department on campus that needs student employees can post information about any open positions.  Information on that posting would include a job description, hours, pay and requirements.

Casually looking on the website may not yield many results.

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“The key to finding an on-campus job is consistency; constantly looking on the website for new postings,” Powell said.

Powell stated that there are times when a job is posted and then taken off the listing just a few hours later. 

He said that this often happens with the most sought after jobs because the department might receive several applications in a matter of hours.

With so many jobs on-campus, not all are posted on the website. In those cases it is best to give resumes to different departments and let them know when you are available.

There are resources that can help students, especially with resumes. The Internship and Careers Services office in Kimball 230 have packet of information to help build strong resumes and will even help edit them.

Powell also advises students to be open to all kinds of jobs. “You can’t be picky if you are in need of money,” Powell says.

When you have been hired for a job, you need to bring a form(s) of identification that verifies that you are authorized to work in the United States. A social security card or passport would work for this. 

For more information, visit

Students are allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours a week. Powell says this policy is in place so work will not interfere with academics and so that they can hire as many students as possible.

For more information about on campus jobs, visit the Human Resources office in Kimball 240.

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