Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Charity… I think.

So right now I am currently sitting in my I-COMM Student Media class. A couple of minutes ago, a girl walked in selling these wanna-be sour skittles.

She stated to everyone that everything that they make on these will go to help impoverished kids in Africa. Me, feeling generous and hungry thought to buy some. At that point I realized that I had only two quarters. So I told her that I only had the 50 cents and she reply in a semi-dramatic "ahhhh" and walked away.

Now this got me thinking… I doubt that those cost more than 50 cents buy, probably quite a bit less. But yet, she refused. It's some better than none? I don't know why but I am totally perplexed by this. I have never been denied for a small donation before.

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